Week 24 or 25… anyway, the end of this class!!! wow!

This has been such a ride!  These past 6 months are indescribable.  In reading through so many blogs, I can hear the graduation song in my mind, I think it’s called Pomp and Circumstance!  anyway…. graduation indeed.

this week I began reading Success through a Positive Mental Attitude.  This MKMMA class has been so awesome on so many levels….. I can’t summarize it adequately to do it justice.  As many have said in their blogs, “I will never be the same”. and words to that effect.  so very true.  we are changed and we are each changing…. according to our own pace, according to our own individual Definite Major Purpose and according to our new blueprint and our unique selves!  We have all been impacted, that is clear.  I will miss these weekly sessions, but it is time to begin the journey “solo” and implement all the tools I now have in my toolbox.  I am so very grateful to my guides Carolynn and Walter and to all of the staff of MKMMA for all their collective wisdom, sharing,  and  transparency in their willingness to open up to us with their own experiences.  Words can’t describe all I’ve learned.  Deep deep gratitude to all the fellow students on this journey with  me too!  I so appreciate all of your sharing words of comfort and encouragement and just truly sharing who you are in the alliances section.

Peace be the Journey!!


week 23…Law of Success…Dr. Hill’s 20 key points….and so much more!!

It takes less energy to succeed than to fail!   The law of least effort and self reliance;  all of these work together when we find our authentic self, and know our definite major purpose. Live from your heart on purpose! It is a great privilege to give.  The Law of Success is service!

Dr. Hill’s Positive Mental Attitude video was so very full of gold nuggets! A Positive Mental Attitude can clear away all obstacles which are keeping  you from achieving your definite major purpose in life.  Wow!

Keep my mind constantly engaged and thinking about my definite major purpose, and there will be no time left to waste thinking of what I don’t want!

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

I am the only person who can provide me with a positive mental attitude.  So…..what am I going to do about it?  On the answer to this question, rests my entire future.

As I said…. this was a Wow week of gold nuggets.  It’s all coming together!!

week 22A….the in between…almost week 23 week!

I am behind in this class.  I feel better having stated that on our group call earlier this week with my great guides Carolynn and Walter.  I have since met a great gal to begin Masterminding with, through this class.  I am at the stage where I am right now.  I have been taught so much in these past many months, and I know the steps I need to take to go back and start to play catch up.  This is too important to not finish, and to not finish the class completely.  So…. I am going to do just that!  My road I’m traveling now will get me where I need to be.  This MKMMA class is so indescribably good on so many levels!  I will never ever be the same, the old blueprint will be a thing of the past.  New Jeanne will emerge and my Definite Major Purpose in life will come to pass!

Week 22a……Shhhhhhh…….!!

The silencing portion of this weeks assignment has been especially difficult for me.  In my new career, the emphasis now is on increasing our texting, calling, social media outreaches. So, it’s the opposite of this lesson!

I’m enjoying the new Og chapter on Master of my Emotions.

Today we had a detailed workshop at work on various topics.  We had 2 guest speakers who taught extensively on the power of the subconscious mind and attaching emotion to thoughts and taking action!  wow….. a very familiar lesson, and unexpected to hear about it at work!  too cool!

week 21 already!!

I love the recognition of virtue in others, focusing on these virtues and then they will show up in me!!

Recognize miracles everywhere, in everyone, in everything, exploding all around us like popcorn!  what an awesome visual to remind me to look all around me for this: think of popcorn!  I can do that.

We can’t recognize miracles if they aren’t already within us.  this is a biggie for me!

I live this day as if it’s my last.  What Shall I do with this last precious day?

lots of thought provoking points this week to ponder!

Week 20….. re-defining my comfort zone!

I know that feelings of guilt, fear, unworthiness, anger and hurt feelings can keep us in our comfort zones.  But I now realize we need to feel these feelings and face them, even though they are irritating and uncomfortable in order to expand our comfort zone.

Reading in the Alliance section this week  has been awesome to read others’ takes and experiences on these emotions.

Looking ahead to self reliance in April and beyond!   I feel like it’s “crunch” time for me, to learn and absorb everything I possibly can in these next few weeks so I’ll be ready to fly solo in April, without my sunday MKMMA lessons!  I’m getting ready to move in this next week, and I’m not liking that my shapes posters and dream posters are off the walls, and rearranged!

This week’s lesson about the pyramid of success was really cool!  we truly have covered all of those areas and that was exciting to see that!  Thanks Trish!

I really enjoyed Mark’s talk of the “dash” between birth and death year.  I’ve heard that before, but this was a new spin on it.  To actually give yourself a realistic year, then calculate how many Springtimes, for instance, I will realistically have in my future.  It definitely makes me pause and appreciate how precious life is and how important each day is.  This was very powerful.

Great week!

week 19….. Power and Posture

Week 19.   Each of us has access to a vast amount of power and we can accomplish the smallest to the biggest of things!

Our body language and our posture are so powerful as well.

Once again, we are noticing and observing everything around us.  We’re also noticing how we stand, how we present ourselves, what are we saying silently with our body language.

This has been a good and a busy week.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.  I give myself permission to access my power and to be happy!

Week 18… I am worthy of receiving!

“The deal is the deal”….

How do we become the greatest salesman in the world? By performing the toughest sale in the world… to sell myself to me!

I am worthy of receiving.  If I am avoiding any part of this class, then I’m not sold on myself.  Go ahead and make this sale!

I like the 3 question exercise this week: when reading an obituary: what would that person give to change places with me and have one more day? who can I let know how grateful I am for their presence today if it is my last? and How will I behave today to finish the masterpiece of my life elegantly?

I really got a lot out of Trish’s lesson of “happiness or depression”?  There’s a big difference between not being depressed and being happy.  What do you want to focus on? When she made the choice to be happy with her life and with her day, the fog lifted.  So instead of fighting depression, she sent out waves of happiness!  this was so profound and I really am grateful for Trish’s transparency in sharing her story.

Profound question of the week:  What would the person I intend to become do next?

great lesson this week!

Week 17a …..Hero’s Journey

I really needed this “sandwich week” to kind of get back to basics…..do some reviewing ….. see that awesome video clip of Aimee Mullins from a TED conference….. and have Mark review the “boxes” again.   There has been so much information coming to us from this MKMMA class for all these weeks,  I really needed a week like this to go back to the boxes and review and kind of take my pulse to see where I am.

I’m getting so much out of the Alliance area too.  It’s so encouraging to read about other’s progresses made in chipping away the ole cement!!

I liked Mark’s comment that we are encouraged to think thoughts that provoke our imagination:  ie:  read DMP and Press Release and cards.  Aimee changed the world she lives in and so can I!

Live on purpose and with purpose and live a life of purpose and have the courage to live a life of the hero’s journey!

Master Key, week 17 Permission to use my power and to be happy!

The Power of a hug: incomprehensible and immeasurable!  I really like that statement that was made on this week’s lesson.

I really resonated with Trish’s remarks this week relating back to scroll 3: make the effort.  a magnifying glass held in one spot, versus moving it because temptation will tr to distract me from my power.  It’s easy to slip back and “paint by numbers”.  I must supply myself with enthusiasm.  I must NOT drift!  When it sinks in that the thoughts I hold have power, this can be scary and cause me to drift from my course I’m on with MK.  Trish said “I am worthy of this power”.

Become a better observer and focus on abundance. Create a mentality of abundance.  Manifest abundance on demand. Grow both the virtue and abundance.  Focusing on the virtue, will lead to abundance.  You can’t light the path for other’s without lighting your own path!   Am I too busy to extend the miracle of my birth?

I liked the concept of the symbols and the comment about them:  Find your own way, your own path.  symbols come with allure of power and status.  the symbol itself won’t give you power.  The belief that something on the outside can give you power.  Instead, focus on confirmation of power, NOT on the symbol of power.   And how do we develop this power?  the power is WITHIN you!  The power to control your own thinking, combined with  the last point of the BluePrint Builder.

We have the power within each of us right now to change the world we live in. Give yourself permission to accept this power! Whatever my old blueprint is saying is irrelevant.  I hereby now give myself permission to access and use my power and permission to be happy!